Secret Agents


Secret agents: get to work! Help us find the secret codes and break the mystery code.


A mysterious briefcase has been found in your school. The future 007 agents will have to help our agents find all the secret codes. Hurry! Time is ticking! Follow our squad on this intriguing and educational adventure.

Learnhowto surviveinthe wild

Become a master ofmartial arts

Décoder the most ancient formof communication: the Morse code




It seems that there is a mysterious briefcase that has been found in your school. Its content is unknown and can be dangerous, so be careful! We will teach you fundamental skills to become real secret agents. The future 007 agents will have to help our agents find all the secret codes.

Martial Arts

The great martial arts master, Kori Hisataka, taught one of our agents to defend himself. He is ready to teach future secret agents the defense skills they will need if they ever find themselves caught in a future mission.

The Communication During an impossible mission in South America, our budding spies found themselves in an embarrassing position. But thanks to the Morse code, they managed to get through their terrifying mission. The apprentice agents will have to decipher this code in order to communicate secretly with the other agents.


All undercover agents must learn the basics of survival in the wild, no matter the climate or conditions. The little spies will have to master this in order to be able to retrieve clues to break the secret code.