On your marks ! Get set ! Go !

This activity offers you a crazy race in the city of your choice

You will have to find the dots in order to cross the finish line before the other participants.

All along the course, you will have different challenges to face all supervised by our team of professional animators.

Will you win the race?

The Countdown

This game of memory and speed will test your ability to come upwith an effectiveaction plan, within a short amount of time.

The Crossing

Participants will have to go through a course where communication and leadership will be essential to the success of this event.

The Summit

You will have to build a tower in order to reach the required height as quickly as possible. The objective is to learntodelegate and totrustyourteam

Photo Challenge

Each team will receive a digital camera. The participants will have to fulfill, as a team, the requested missions. This step requires good observation and teamwork.

Minimum number of participants: 10

Maximum number of participants: unlimited

Activity available in summer and winter

This activity promotes teamwork, commitment and resource management.

Each participant’s role is essential to the team.

Activity duration: 2h

The package includes:

A master of ceremonies

A professional team of animators

Sound system and background music

A meeting with your team (if needed)

All the materials needed for the activity

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