Let’s board, sailors!


The treasure chest of the legendary pirate Blackbeard was recently found. To make matters worse, we don’t have the key to open it.

Go on an adventure where skill games, riddles and treasure hunts await you in a universe where our theatrical animation will enchant you.



Treasure hunt out doors!

Just like our forest treasure hunt at Wilson Falls, learn to become a real treasurer by playing the role of the treasurer through an epic quest. The sailors will have to learn to find their way in order to help the pirates remember the combination that protects the Captain’s wealth. Performed outdoors, weather permitting, or indoors in a route created by our team.

Workshop on handlingof the sword

Mistral, the finest blade in the northern Caribbean Sea, will also come to your school to teach you how to wield a sword like a true pirate. Once you have learned all the basics of foam sword fighting, you will participate in the Grand Masters Tournament!

Construction of a boat and a race

Batten down the hatches! In teams, the sailors will have to build a boat in the image of the Captain. A great challenge awaits them!

The future pirates will have to play different roles in order to buy equipment, negotiate prices and build together, step by step, the boat that can be the fastest in the final competition of the pirates.

The package includes:

Amaster of ceremonies

A professional team of animators

A meeting with your team (if needed)

All the material necessary for the activity

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