A bad spell has been cast on your school!

The future sorcerers will have to collect special ingredients to create the ultimate antidote. Abracadabra! Embark on this thrilling theatrical adventure!


Someone among the group, whose identity is not yet known, is a victim of the evil spell of the Wicca wizard! You could all be in great danger. Throughout the adventure, the apprentice wizards will have to collect special ingredients. Thus, they will be able to create the ultimate antidote that will prevent the spirit of the unfortunate being from being tormented until the end of time.

Magic Potions

Using ingredients such as fairy tears, sunflower powder and elf skin scales, the little wizards will have to learn how to make a magic potion. Creativity is the order of the day! As a team, you will have to create an incantation that will ward off evil spirits harmful to the success of the experiment.

The amulets!

Since witchcraft is not always good magic, it is necessary to protect yourself from now on against all bad spells and especially those coming from black magic. Our experienced wizards will unveil the secret weapon of wizards, the amulet. All the children will have to build an amulet according to their needs in order to be protected from possible spells.

The Swords

The first lesson of any future sorcerer is always the handling of his sword. Our master wizard of combat will teach everyone the means of attack and defense through speed, intuition and magic. At the end of the activity, there will be a great combat and the winners will be able to collect an element for the final magic potion.

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