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With a venue that offers so many possibilities, your Activac team building experience will have no limits.



About the Resort

Strength in numbers

Esterel Resort is a resort that offers an incredible experience. With a wide range of team-building activities, Activac and Esterel combine their strengths to give you an unforgettable experience!

Esterel Resort also has a huge property and a lake which makes it an ideal place to hold an Activac Team Building activity.

Activities available

Summer activities

All summer activities are available at the incredible Esterel Resort. The Mario Kart experience is one of the most popular activities at this location.

Winter Activities

All winter activities are available and perfect for the Resort. The sledding activity is the most popular activity during the winter season at the Esterel Resort.

Indoor activities

All indoor activities are available through the beautiful conference rooms that the Resort offers. From large rooms for large groups to smaller rooms for more intimacy, the spaces offered at the Esterel Resort are very varied and will meet all your needs.

Guaranteed inclusivity

Activac Team Building activities are designed to be inclusive. We leave no one behind!

Great and comfortable

Live your Activac experience in a majestic and authentic setting with the Esterel Resort.

No matter the weather!

We always have a plan B to make your experience a pleasant and positive one.

Custom activities

You want more. We are up for the challenge! Some of Activac’s activities can be enhanced or simply customized to meet your needs and allow you to have an enriching experience that meets your requirements.

Special requests

We will be happy to accommodate your special requests or needs whenever possible.

Double up to save

Book two Team Building activities with Activac and get a discount on your activities.


Thank you Christian! It was a pleasure for all our team, I had only positive feedback of our team building afternoon. I will refer you to my colleagues with full confidence!


Nathalie Brisson

Thank you again for everything this week! Everyone had a great time.

” BDC “

Chris De Rochie

We really enjoyed the Rally activity! Once again, a big thank you to you and all your team.

” Guillevin”

Manon Therrien

“It was great! Thank you for the beautiful souvenir photos.”

” Cascades !”

Marie-Eve Cyr

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